Entertainment Made Available Anywhere Through Sky Q

The Sky Q Mini box acts as the bond across Sky’s full suite of entertainment options. Sky HD has been a game changer then and now Sky Q is taking it a level higher. However, given the changing customer preferences as well the stiff competition coming from other content providers like BT, Netflix, Amazon and Virgin, viewers prefer an eat all you can but with not commitments as much as possible.

TalkTalk-TVPackaged content has become very common and consumers are becoming very demanding. Consult the Sky contact number regarding particular details.

A Step Ahead

Simply put, Sky Q is a package that is one step ahead and Sky wants the viewers to feel it for years to come. The cutting-edge ideas will be released over a period of time so that consumers will have a sense that Sky knows what the customers will demand in the future.

Seamless technology can best describe how Sky Q works. It is  a set-up which is completely connected. Each box added to the system speaks to one another so that you can continue your viewing from one to another. Say you have recorded something from the main box on the ground floor, once you go up you can resume access. You can pause midway and then pick up from where you left off anywhere in the house using the iPad app.

Two Boxes

There are two available options for Sky Q, the Silver package and the standard box option. The Silver is the premium option while the standard one still has the Fluid Viewing experience but lacks advanced features.

Offering a 1TB storage, the standard box has the ability to record three things at the same time while you are watching a fourth one. It also allows you to stream in one tablet. The boxes also act as a hotspot for internet connectivity.

Silver ups the storage to 2 TB and can record 4 at once while letting you watch a fifth option. Streaming is allowed up to two tablets.

Bigger Than HD

Compared with the current HD box which has become dependent on the maker of the gadget, the Sky Q boxes are in the same dimensions. The Sky Q box measures at 232 x 155 x 34mm which is a significant reduction from the biggest HD box measuring 398 x 283 x 81mm.

The mini boxes though similar in design to the hub are smaller. Reason is that they only stream the content coming from the main one. All recordings made in the main box are then mirrored in each of the mini versions.

Mesh Network

The main boxes compose a bigger mesh network. This network is powered by a new Sky Hub offering a dual-band wireless 5th Generation technology.

By creating its own mesh network, no additional burden is added on the existing WiFi connection. It will even help out the connection flow better through each of the boxes in Sky_Shop_Home_Mobile.png_1749773383your house that is added in the Sky Q set-up. It enhances the internet flow while each of the attached boxes acts as another hotspots for interconnectivity.

Full Capacity

Sky hasn’t used yet its full capacity and its potential and they are saying it won’t. Sky has made Ultra HD, or 4K compatible, boxes. This feature is not yet activated.

A Sky technician will pay you a visit as they need to provide all features for you to make full use of it. Setting up the system will take longer than the usual Sky installation.

Take note that all your saved programs will be lost during the installation of Sky Q. They will not be replicated and won’t be available for porting.